Specials & Sports

The INFOBA DMC Chile Specialized department is dedicated to create travel experiences based on specific interests. We believe in the combination of life experiences with highest level of total personalize service.

From fishing, hunting, sports and adventure to cultural and culinary experiences, the challenge for our team is to create packages for our clients based on innovation and professionalism, and to deliver what our guests expect from Chile’s nature and culture richness.

INFOBA DMC Chile Specialized department activities:
- Fishing
- Golf
- Sport Trips
- Hockey
- Basketball
- History & Culture
- Art
- Culinary Adventures
- Cruises





INFOBA DMC Chile - Antonio Bellet #77 Of: 202 - Providencia - Santiago de Chile - Chile
Phone.: 0056-2-3244-3600| E-Mail: chile@infobadmc.com